In the course of analyzing attributes of watersheds related to biogeochemical and hydrological processes, we have developed a few standard procedures for making relevant calculations.  Some of these are documented below.  To download a detailed description of each method in MS Word format, click on the title of interest.

01 Projecting DEMs in ArcGIS.doc

02 Creating a Map of Topographic Index using ArcToolbox

03 Creating a Map of Topographic Index using AML Script

04 Procedure for Obtaining Distribution of TI Values for a Watershed

05 Classifying Topographic Index by Land Use Type

06 Creating TI Distribution Table by Land Use Type

07 Generating Map of Soil Topographic Index

08 Calculating the Proportion of County Covered by Watershed

09 Calculating the Agricultural Proportion of County Covered by Watershed

10 Calculating Area-weighted Means

11 Generating N Deposition Maps for SE US Watersheds

12 Calculating Centroid Position Area and Perimeter

13 Creating a point map of sites and extracting mapped values

14 Extracting Soil Orders from STATSGO

15 Extracting pH and Depth of Surface Soil from STATSGO

16 Using NetCDF Format Files in ArcGIS

17 Using ASCII Format Files in ArcGIS

18 Creating Polygon Grid Shapefile with Rectangular Cells




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